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    Grill Accent Light Installation Guide

    1. Removal of Grill: Remove all hardware and plastic trim tabs in order to remove your grill. Type in your year (or year range, 17-19, 20-22, etc) and model (Super Duty, F250, F350, etc) followed by "grill removal" and you should find plenty of videos on this process.

    2020-2022 Ford Super Duty Grill Removal and Grill Accent Light Bar Installation:

    2017-2019 Ford Super Duty Grill Removal:

     2. Attaching Grill Light Bars: If you are installing the full length grill light bars, simply use the provided hardware to secure the grill light frames to the vertical plastic crossmember bars on the grill. Be sure not to over-tighten them or you risk cracking the plastic!

    If you are installing the animated switchback scanning LED grill light bars, you can use the 3M adhesive backing and also forcefully wedge each light bar into the slots on the grill. There is a hole on each end of the grill lights that you could either run a zip-tie, screw, fishline, etc through to ensure the grill lights stay in place. You can grill small holes in parts of the grill that are not visible to run the zip ties or screws through. Some customers have also applied super glue to the top and bottom of the grill lights and wedged it into the slots on the grill. NOTE: THE LIGHTS SCAN/FLOW FROM THE END THAT HAS THE WIRES TO THE OPPOSITE END, SO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE WIRED ENDS ALL FACING TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE GRILL SO THE SCANNING/TURN SIGNALS FLOW THE CORRECT DIRECTION!

    3. Wiring: If you are installing the full length grill light bars or the animated grill light bars, connect both of the RED/POSITIVE wires from both bars together and both of the BLACK/GROUND/NEGATIVE wires using butt connectors or a similar type of connector. Next, splice/connect around 5-7 feet of 18 or 20 gauge wire to the positive and ground wires. If you ordered the plug & play harness, simply connect the red and black wires off of the harness to the red and black wires from the light bars.

    The ground wires can be grounded to any bare metal frame bolt or ground location (Some use the hood latch bolt, one of the frame grounds, any bolt thats on bare metal, or directly to the negative terminal of the battery)

    The positive wires can be connected to one of the up-fitter switches (google your year and model to see how to do this), tapped into a fuse of your choice (something thats powered when the truck turns on ideally), tapped into the headlight DRL wire to turn on/off with the DRLs, connected to a switch or relay, etc. 

    Turn signal wires for animated grill light bars: connect a 3-5 foot wire lead to the yellow wires on each bar. If you have 4 bars, connect the left side bars turn signal wires together, then repeat for the right sides. You will then tap the left side turn signal wires from the LED bars to the left headlights turn signal wire, then repeat for the right side bars on the right headlight. We recommend using T-Tap connectors for this.