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2015-2017 Ford F150 & Raptor RGBW DRL Board Installation Guide

We appreciate your purchase of's 2015-2017 Ford F150 or Raptor SVT RGBW DRL boards! Please follow the steps detailed below to properly install your replacement DRL boards.

1. After opening the headlights, remove the white reflector with the light pipe, by removing the screws holding it in place.

2. Remove the factory LED module with aluminum heatsink by unscrewing the retaining screw, then prying off by pulling it away from the plastic tab on the light pipe. Cutting the tab will not affect performance in any way, and is recommended for easier installation.

3. Remove the factory LED panel from the heatsink by unscrewing the two screws on the white plastic piece. Set the plastic piece aside. The LED panel will be stuck to the aluminum due to adhesive. Pry up with force on the end of the factory LED panel, and it will come apart from the metal heatsink.

4. Place the new LED panels into position. If possible, use the original tape to hold in place, then refasten the screws with the white plastic piece.

5. Reattach the module to the end of the light pipe. Again, this is easier if the plastic retaining tab is clipped. Screw into place.

6. Connect the LED Board connector to the specified RGBW Driver connector. Next, connect the RGBW Driver to the 4-way splitter that is connected to the RGBW Controller. The bare wires from the splitter must be inserted into the corresponding slot on the controller in order for the boards to function properly

(Red wire->R | Green wire->G | Blue wire->B | White wire->W | Black wire->+)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT plug the LED Board connector directly into controller without the driver. The LEDs must be plugged into driver first to control the power. Failure to do so will result in damage to the LED Board and WILL NOT be covered under warranty.

7. Connect your RGBW controller to 12V power and ground. This will dictate when the LED Boards turn on. The most popular wiring choices are listed in the table below.


 Voltage Pin OEM Connector Wire Color
12V+ Pin 3: Parking Light Blue/Gray
12V+ Pin 4: DRL Purple/White
Ground Pin 7: Ground Black/Gray


8. Mount the drivers and controller, and tuck all wires. Drivers should be mounted outside of headlight for serviceability, in a location away from the engine block to avoid excessive heat buildup. The controller needs to be mounted in a position that avoids moisture or excessive heat. Test thoroughly, reseal headlights, and reinstall onto vehicle.