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Wiring and Installation Guide for AutoLEDTech Prebuilt Headlights

Flow Series/Color-Chasing Halos/DRLs

**Scroll down for standard RGBW halo/DRL/demon eye wiring**

After installing the headlights on the vehicle, you will need to connect the halo/DRL wires to the provided wiring harness. We provide wire extensions for the headlights that are farthest away from where you install the wiring harness.

If you have a wiring harness that has the sequential turn signal input wires (red, blue, and white single wires), you will need to splice the red and blue wire into the left and right turn signal + wires on the vehicle. You will need to research which wires these are or splice into a fuse.

White Braided Wire = DRL Input, all attached halos will turn white. When this wire receives power, the halos will turn white. Connect this to the vehicle DRL wire/fuse/signal if you intend to use this feature (optional).

Blue Braided Wire = Sequential Turn Signal Feature (1 Side) - If you connect this wire to the left turn signal, then you would connect the left side halos/DRL wires to the blue braided wire connectors on the wiring harness so they act as turn signals when the wire receives voltage.

Red Braided Wire = Sequential Turn Signal Feature (1 Side) - If you connect this wire to the right turn signal, then you would connect the right side halos/DRL wires to the red braided wire connectors on the wiring harness so they act as turn signals when the wire receives voltage.

BLUETOOTH APP: If your controller is a black box with a single 3-pin connector coming off of it, the app you need to download is Magic-LED Apple Link Android Link

If your controller is a white box with a single 3-pin connector coming off of it and says "LED Hue" on it, the app you need to download is LED Hue Apple Link Android Link


After opening the app and connecting to the controller, please use the following settings:

Pixel/LED Type: SK6812_RGBW

Color Order: GRB

Pixel Count: 100 (This is the number of LEDs on the longest/largest component. You can increase/decrease this until the entire component is lit up)


Powering the Wiring Harness (Flow Series or RGBW)

The flow series wiring harness will now need to be connected to 12V+ and Ground/-. The wire with the inline fuse is the 12V+ wire, the other one without the inline fuse holder is Ground/-. You can connect these directly to the vehicles battery, but the harness will always be receiving power. This means that you will have to manually turn the halos/DRLs on and off every time you exit the vehicle. We recommend clipping the hoop connector off of the 12V+ wire and using an "add-a-fuse" or fuse tap and tapping the 12V+ power into a fuse that turns on/off with the vehicle or with a switch inside of the vehicle. You can also use a regular or remote controlled relay to shut power off when the lights are not in use. Click here for a link to the remote controlled relay. All vehicles are different, so you will need to research or test which fuses are ignition-powered to do this. If you are going this route, then the ground/- wire will likely need to be connected to one of the several frame ground nuts that are located near the fuse box. It is a nut attached to the metal frame of the vehicle that the fuse box ground/- wires run to.

RGBW Demon Eyes/Halos/DRLs

After installing the headlights on the vehicle, you will need to connect the Demon eye/halo/DRL wires to the PROPER LED DRIVERS FIRST. EACH LED DRIVER IS LABELED FOR WHICH COMPONENT IT IS FOR AND THE CONNECTORS ARE ALSO LABELED TO MATCH UP WITH THE HALOS/DRLS/DEMON EYES. DO NOT CONNECT THE HALOS/DRLS/DEMON EYES DIRECTLY TO THE CONTROLLER/WIRING HARNESS, YOU MUST CONNECT THEM TO THE LED DRIVERS OR YOU RISK DAMAGING THE LEDS PERMANENTLY! Each LED Driver has a black and yellow wire coming off of it. THE BLACK WIRE MUST BE PROPERLY GROUNDED IN ORDER FOR THE LED COMPONENTS TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. The yellow wire is for the turn signal feature and can be spliced into the vehicles + turn signal wire (optional). The yellow or white wire on demon eye driver box is a shut-off wire. When it receives power, it will turn the demon eyes off automatically. We highly recommend splicing this into one of the headlight + wires to signal the demon eyes to turn off when the headlights turn on to prevent the demon eyes from overheating and possibly failing. After connecting all LED components to the proper LED drivers and grounding the black wires, you can connect the LED drivers to the RGBW controller. (See section above for how to connect the controller to power).

Bluetooth App:

The app for the RGBW Bluetooth Controller is called Magic LED Light V2 or Magic Light - BLE (Google)  Apple Link Google Link

If you are using the RGBW Bluetooth controller and get the message "turn power off to controller then quickly reconnect", you need to click the "OK" button, quickly disconnect one of the power wires from power, quickly reconnect it, then go back in the app and click on the controller again. It should now allow access to the controller. This is done as a verification process to ensure it is your controller. You can click and hold down on the name to rename the controller if desired.

Chrysler 300C/SRT Wiring for HID Headlight Vehicles

The headlights will have a blue wire and a black wire with spade connectors on the ends coming out of the main headlight cover. The blue wire is + and the black wire is -. We also provide the quick splice connectors that these will connect to (usually in a small bag within the packaging). When looking at the top of the main headlight connector from the vehicle, you will see a black wire on the top left terminal and a red wire on the top right terminal. You will need to splice the quick splice connectors into these using needle nose pliers. The back wire from the headlights will then connect to the black wire on the headlight connector and the blue wire from the headlights will connect to the red wire on the headlight connector.