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Please follow the following diagram and instructions to properly setup your Color-Chasing/Flow Series bluetooth controller:'s Bluetooth Controller Setup

  1. Using the supplied flathead screw driver, flip the controller module to the reverse side and loosen the (4) screw clamps.
  2. Insert the wires from the pigtail connector into the corresponding inputs detailed above.
  3. After ensuring each wire is fully inserted into the corresponding input, tighten down each screw clamp to ensure the wires are secure.
  4. Connect the male JST connector on the end of the pigtail to the only female JST connector on the wiring harness.

WARNING: Do not connect any wires to the power input side of the controller. This will result in permanent damage to all components!


Operating the bluetooth controller

After the controller has been connected to the harness, download the Magic-LED app for your smart phone:

After the app has been downloaded, ensure that bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone HOWEVER, do not attempt to connect to the controller through your phones bluetooth menu. Simply open the Magic-LED app and wait for the app to search for the controller. It should show up as "1" or "SP105E". Click on the controller to begin controlling the halos. Ensure that the settings in the settings menu (located in top right corner of the app) are as follows:

  • Set the LED color order to "GRB"
  • Set the LED type to SK6812 or WS2812
  • Set the LED count to the number of LEDs on the largest halo